Electronics for commercial vehicles

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You will find the right fruit zone india llp electronics for your truck here.
Did not you always want to prepare a warm coffee or lunch, instead of having to go back to the most expensive rest areas?
In this category you will find everything from the truck-mounted wann starb dan blocker to voltage transformers and microwave ovens. However, we also have utilitys such as radios orwill drucken kommt meldung speicher vollsystems are heliozentrisches weltbild kopernikus a practical upgrade for your truck.
Our electronics categories

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wer weiß denn sowas mediathek *We expressly point out that the products offered here of the individual vehicle manufacturers submitted , but merely made fit for the respective vehicle types !
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Truck shrink crimp connectors for lighting parts,

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Thermal paper rolls digital tachograph, 3 rolls

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Coffee 0.5 liter thermos, 24 Volt

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DC converter 24V MS 600/1200 watts modified sine wave

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Electric furnace, 8 liter, 24V / 300W

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WAECO coffee 5 cups, 24 volts

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More information about the categories

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In the first subcategory '' radio devices`` you will find radios in the most diverse versions. You can choose from 40 channels across Europe, ranging from 26.965 MHz to 27.405 MHz. In Germany, there are even 80 channels, which you can find between the frequencies 26.565 MHz to 27.405 MHz. Most drivers in Germany use channel 9 which you find at frequency 27,065. Channel 9 is an international emergency channel that you should not use for chatting. Radios is something that most truckers or even its forwarder appreciate.

In the second sub-category "heating systems" they will find only one heating system. If you decide to use this heater, you should choose 12V or 24V depending on the needs of your truck between the outlet nozzles or the tube connection, and between the voltage (volts).

In the third subcategory '' Electricity '', you will find theft warning extender extensions with A8 fuse, power supply extenders for cigarette lighter, gas alarm, sockets adapters, return sensors as well as other adapters and cables and other accessories.

In the fourth subcategory "Cook & Kitchen" you will find coffee machines of various sizes from the pad machine to the 10 cup filter machine for the road, refrigerators and freezers in the most varied sizes, microwaves & electric ovens (24 Volt) Have been tested for vibration and are thus approved for road use as well as water boilers in various sizes.

In the fifth subcategory "Charger" you will find two chargers with different charging currents (70A and 7A)

In the sixth subcategory 'Multimedia' you will find everything about multimedia: DVD, DVB-T Player, LCD Monitors / TV In the sizes 5 to 10 inches, digital radio systems or 12-19 inches. You will also find reverse systems (cameras, complete sets, monitors, accessories), satellite systems, sound systems (complete systems, capacitors, speakers, players / radio, subwoofers, amplifiers and accessories), truck PCs, VGA monitors, accessories

In the seventh sub-category '' Navi / Tacho / Büro`` you will find GPS receivers, so they always find the right way, truck navigation, tablet PCs as well as tacho equipment (chip card readers, hardware, complete sets, software and tachograph paper)

In the eighth subcategory '' Rückwarwarner '' you will find various reversing warning devices for the installation and extension. Our reversing warning lights come with a loud alarm. We have Proplast brand reversing warning devices in our range. Please note that vehicles of category N2 (trucks over 3.5 to 12 tonnes), N3 (trucks over 12 tonnes) and M3 (buses) must be equipped with reverse warning devices.

In the ninth subcategory '' Voltage transformers`` you will find voltage converters and their accessories. These include: 12 / 24V to 230V (They must be differentiated between a modified or a pure sine.) A modified sine is a cost-effective alternative to the pure sine wave, but it only works for simple devices such as a hairdryer, a toaster, a filter coffee machine, The 12V to 12V, 24V to 12V, pendant connector / voltage converter, accessories.

In the tenth subcategory '' Standart air conditioning systems`` you will find air-conditioning systems for your truck so that you have a pleasantly cool truck on warm days.

In the eleventh sub-category '' Vacuum cleaner`` you will find a small handy vacuum cleaner for your truck to keep it clean.

In the twelfth sub-category '' Controllers / Switches '' you will find battery switches, blinkers, make contact relays with fuse insert and time controllers.

In the thirteen subcategory '' Electricity generators`` you will find diesel / propane gasoline generators and the right accessories for your truck.

In the fourteenth and last subcategory "Fans" you will find quiet and small fans, so that they can cool even on warm days.