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nach marathon regeneration Here you get the whole program for a brilliant cleaning of your vehicle. From gloss lacquer shampoo, over aluminum and rim cleaner to stainless steel cleaner.
The products available here are universally applicable and are therefore applicable inside and outside.

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fliegend gelagerte walzen - Removal of rust and rust runners
- Applications u. a .: Tank, radiator, underride protection, aluminum and steel rims, wheel covers, etc.
- Cleaning of metals such as aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel
- easy handling
- available in 3 different quantities

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leben erscheint sinnlos - shine cleaner
- Application with calcareous water / avoids limescale already during the wash
- Applications u. a .: stainless steel, aluminum and painted surfaces etc.
- mirror-like gloss
- removed u. a. from insect pollutions
- easy handling
- available in 3 different quantities

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arthur übel markneukirchen - deeply penetrating and environmentally friendly shampoo
- extra shine for your paint
- Applications u. a .: paint, glass, plastic, aluminum and Stahlfelfen
- easy handling
- available in 3 different quantities

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erhöhter augeninnendruck natürlich senken - Basic cleaning of extremely dirty vehicles
- Applications u. a .: glass, ceramics, plastics, painted surfaces, tiles, tarpaulins, engine compartment
- Removal of: oils, greases, resins, fuels, soot, diesel stains, insects, brake dust
- easy handling
- available in 3 different quantities

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katze ägyptische mau - mobile applicable / acid-proof, portable 1 liter bottle
- Indoor and outdoor use
- Applications u. a .: glass, ceramics, plastics, natural stones, concrete, metals, plexiglass, etc.
- also applicable to rims
- gentle on paint, rubber and glass
- easy handling

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kennel vom tibetdrachen - dissolves dirt without the use of a brush
- Areas of application u. a .: glass, ceramics, plastics, paints, concrete, etc
- Degreasing of vehicles and tools of all kinds
- easy handling
- available in 3 different quantities

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jung yunho ideal girl *We expressly point out that the products offered here of the individual vehicle manufacturers submitted , but merely made fit for the respective vehicle types !
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